Welcome to Berwickshire Furniture's website
Welcome to Berwickshire Furniture's website

Contact Us:

Showroom - Earlsmeadow, off

Langtongate, Duns, TD11 3AQ

Tel: 01361 884886


Head Office - "Platform One",

Station Road Industrial Estate,

Duns, TD11 3HS


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Charitable Status...

We are a charity registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regular (OSCR), and our charity number is SC034540. Our object is "To relieve poverty and distress among the inhabitants in the area of benefit, in particular those who have need by virtue of their youth, age, sickness, infirmity, disability, handicap, homelessness or unemployment, by any means, but especially by collecting, refurbishing and storing donated furniture and household goods and distributing them to those in need, or selling them to defray the costs of the operation". You can find out more about our charitable status on the OSCR website.


We operate as a limited company, registered at Companies House in London.


Our activities are overseen by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers, who bring a wealth of experience in this sector and from local community organisations.


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